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Vision and Mission

We propose the first social platform that includes professionals and customers with the technological tools necessary to minimize the effort to locate and identify the best job_price, talent and reputation.
We enhance the value of talent and professional reputation based not so much in its path or knowledge but also on the score received made specific jobs.

Target audience

We address two types of users:
- Professional (company, trades, autonomous or private) that activates your profile with a number of categories of talent to offer. The professional can also advertise their services in the escape of talent.
- The user or professional who has a need and publishes an advertisement soliciting proposals from other professionals.

Both active as professionals can join for free through your profile on social networks like facebook, twitter or linkedin. . Our specialty is to meet needs of closed service and of short duration but also secondarily we cover work that can be defined long term that may be of interest to professionals.

Although not strictly a web of employment in many cases is one way to show trust and reputation of the profession and establish agreements of longer duration or hiring.

Product and services

is the online community that allows professionals to connect directly with your prospects for the development of small tasks, services or defined short-term jobs.

The essential function of is to facilitate connecting supply and demand so contrasted. is the marge of any negotiation, mediation, billing or validation between the parties.

The most prominent feature is a very powerful comparison proposals covering so classified more than four professional groups, thus becoming the first comparator of talent and general geo services on the market.

If you're a professional profile - business, shops, independent or private

- You have your integrated web for submission, disclose or automatically connect with ads of your interest profile.
- You can define your own ads (showcase) to highlight and promote your services
- You can find and contact directly those interested in your services
- You'll have access to all functionalities that will appear to help you connect with customers and advertisers...

Examples of functions that you can do with

- Complete your profile, create your first ad in the showcase of talent. Highlight your profile or listing.
- Receive proposals contact your ads.
- Create your ads (offers) to search for other professionals to collaborate updates to your business or activity.
- Receive votes of your proposals accepted.

If you are a user who creates wanted ads

- Will connect automatically with proposals for those professional profiles that you require to make that action or task on multiple criteria: location, category, contacts, direct search, automatic search...

Examples of functions that you can do with

- Create your first offer to seek professional talent. Highlight your offer.
- Automatically receives proposals contact with professionals.
- Rate your proposals accepted.

No. Registration on is free and always will be. The new features requiring consideration will always be optional. Coins View section.

Registrarse en tanto como usuario o profesional es muy sencillo , rápido e intuitivo. Recibiras un email de conformación para pasar de ser un usuario inactivo a activo. En cuanto respondes al email de confirmación pasas a ser usuario activo y ya puedes hacer uso de todas ls funcionalidades.

If you have completed the professional profile that will go into a moderation process and then this will be enabled. Important: Fill in the details clearly. Ten encuenta your data, description, geographic area, category, photo ... is what will determine in the first instance your professional image.

No, not intended for viewing! Your email and phone user has accepted your proposals so that you can only communicate podais displayed.

Some spects on the visibility of your profile can be changed in the Privacy section and Visibility at the end of your profile (email, google, value proposals).

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